Solving problems and making important decisions is the heart and soul of every job. Problems come in all sizes, from daily nuisances to major issues. On any given day, people make both big and small decisions that affect teams, departments, organizations and even lives. Leaders, managers, and individuals who can evaluate, analyze, and correctly determine the appropriate solutions to problems and make effective decisions will have a powerful and positive impact on the organization.

The Problem Solving and Decision Making virtual workshop is an interactive learning experience, where participants will learn from problems they’ve encountered and decisions they’ve made in the past. Then, by applying the skills and tools introduced in the class, they will practice problem-solving and decision making skills in situations they currently face. Participants will be introduced to a process that allows them to methodically think through and diagnose a problem’s root cause. Then, they determine a workable solution using specific criteria on which they can base their decisions, identify options and assess the merits of each course of action.